Platinum Tools VDV MapMaster 3.0 Cable Tester Kit

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The VDV MapMaster 3.0 Cable Tester Kit from Platinum Tools is designed to be your all-in-one tester for installation and troubleshooting of phone, network, and coaxial cable runs. This kit provides you with accessories to help assist you in testing, as well as a travel case for them and the MapMaker 3.0 tester. The handheld tester is made to work in a variety of locations with its backlit display which glow in the dark keypad, and built-in flashlight. Wherever your wiring is located, this versatile tester is engineered to give you essential information about your cabling. It can detect problems, such as open, shorts, miswires, reverses, and split pairs. It can also tell you the length of connected cables in feet and meters, which is a handy feature for diagnosing exactly where a fault may be located. These are just a few highlights of what the MapMaster 3.0 has to offer.

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