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Ideal for large, multi-zone audio installations, the AD-16x provides routing for 16 audio sources to 16 zones, while RTI Cool Power® amplifiers (CP-450/CP-1650) drive crystal clear audio to every speaker. For added convenience, the AD-16x also features eight remote source inputs, which allows devices located in other rooms to be used as a global source. If the system grows past 16 zones, up to four AD-16x units can be cascaded for up to 64 output zones. The switch also delivers complete audio management, including parametric equalizing, zone grouping, and balance control — all configurable via a convenient web interface.

Setting the AD-16x apart is the engineering that enables this matrix to become an extension of the RTI ecosystem. At the heart of this powerful integration is the AD64 two-way driver running on an RTI XP processor, providing integrators with unmatched flexibility and programming efficiency. The driver features custom project labeling, allowing integrators to name all of the zones and sources, eliminating tedious programming by ID number. Pushing the user experience to new levels, the driver also allows dynamic audio source management, which tracks the active sources. This allows a user to determine if a source is already in use and select a different one to avoid an inadvertent music change.

The AD-16x provides the audio switching and distribution functions, while RTI central processors and user interfaces manage the audio source control, user input and status feedback. Information such as the selected source, volume level, and tone control settings are available for each zone. Depending on the source equipment used, more advanced information such as song playlists, cover art, and tuner RDS data may also be available. Of course with RTI control systems, audio is just the beginning. Imagine every aspect of your environment working in complete harmony – from audio and video, to lighting, temperature and more. Such scenarios are only made possible from an audio distribution system backed by a real, professional grade control system. Thanks to the efficient engineering that defines the AD-16x, there is no reason to limit yourself to a system that was designed only for music – with RTI so much more is possible.


  • Provides routing of 16 stereo audio sources to 16 zones.
  • Eight remote source inputs allow devices located in other rooms to be used as a global source using the RSP-1 accessory.
  • Up to four AD-16x units may be source-looped, for up to 64 output zones.*
  • Custom project labeling allows integrators to name all of the zones and sources for more efficient programming (via AD64 driver).
  • Dynamic audio source management tracks the sources that are active, allowing users to select a different one and avoid inadvertent music changes (via AD64 driver).
  • Preamp outputs require external amplification via RTI or third-party audio amplifier.
  • Eight bands of parametric audio equalizing in all zones.
  • Built-in web interface allows zones to be configured and grouped, allowing multiple outputs to be controlled as a single zone.
  • Audio input trim adjustment on each source.
  • Controlled via IP, RS-232 or Infrared.
  • Optional phone and doorbell mute accessory.
  • Rack mountable (3U rack form factor) or free standing. *NOTE: Up to eight AD-16x units may be used to reach 128 output zones using Infrared control. There is a limit of four AD-16x units when the AD64 two-way driver is used, for a maximum of 64 output zones.


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